Sange Mar Mar Episode 17 Full 22 December 2016 Hum Tv

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Sange Mar Mar

Sange Mar Mar Today Epsiode Online Youtube

Online video watch Sange Mar Mar 22nd December 2016 full Episode 17 of Hum Tv drama serial Sange Mar Mar complete episodes show by Hum Tv.
Tv Drama: Sange Mar Mar
On Air Date: 22nd December 2016
Today Episode: 17Hum Tv
Video Source:,Dailymotion,Youtube


Sang-e-Mar Mar Wikipedia

Sang-e-Mar (Urdu:????????? ) (previously {entitled|named} Daasi) is a Pakistaner romantic drama serial that was first aired on Hum TV on {you|one particular} September 2016. It {characters|moon|issues} Sania Saeed, Mikaal Zulfiqar {while others|yet others|and more}. It is the fourth appearance of Noman Ijaz on Hum {TELEVISION|TV SET|TELEVISION SET} after his 2013 appearance in the serial Rehaai. It is the second appearance of Uzma Hassan and with Tipu Sharif after their appearance in the 2015 serial Mohabbat Aag Si.

The {whole|complete} production was shot in the Swat District, mainly in the village of Ronyal and its borders.

Sang-e-Mar depicts story of Pathans, starring the {rigid|stringent|tight} head of the family, Gulistan Khan (Noman Ijaz) married to Shameem (Sania Saeed). They have 3 sons, Safiullah (Omair Rana), Aurang (Meekal Zulfiqar), and Goher (Agha Mustafa Hassan); and a daughter, Sherbano (Uzma Hassan). The {episode|theatre|crisis} opens with the {loss of life|fatality} of Gulistan’s aged {dad|daddy} Baran Khan (Qazi Wajid).

Gulistan Khan follows {rigid|stringent|tight} Pukhtoon traditions including a hatred for western clothing, which {is recognized as|is known as|is regarded as} {a danger|a risk|a menace} to Pakhtoon traditional {ideals|beliefs|principles}. Gulistan’s youngest son Aurang Khan was sent to Peshawar University and unlike his elder siblings, this individual possesses an urban and liberal thought {great|wonderful|fantastic} only emotional attachment {is by using|is to use} his mother, for whom this individual often visits his {town|community|small town} “Garhi Baran. {inch|inches}

The second storyline involves Shireen, the younger sister of Saif-ur-Rehman, a contractor. Shireen lives with her {older|parent|folk} brother and his {blunt|open} and annoying wife, {Identico|Uguale}. As a child, Shireen had a crush on Aurang, as they {analyzed|learned|trained in} {exact same|perfectly|additionally} Madrasa, but since both families live {in various|in several} villages and Saif-ur-Rehman despises Gulistan Khan, this makes it difficult for Shireen to think about Aurang.

The {3rd|3 rd} storyline {entails|requires|consists of} Gulistan Khan’s daughter, Sherbano, who had been intentionally married to Turah Khan (her cousin) by her late grandfather. Sherbano is an abusive wife who hates her husband and always brings complaints about him to her {siblings|friends|cousons} which results in family quarrels. Turah Khan is the nephew of Gulistan Khan and is ostracized by his family {users|people|associates} due to his French heritage in the {single mother’s|mom’s} side. Torah gains his revenge, despite {as being a|becoming a|like a} generally nice man, by scheming against Gulistan’s family.

The storylines converge with Gulistan’s second son Goher, a cruel, spoiled goon. Goher is a womanizer, and sets his sights on Durkhane (Shireen’s friend). This individual writes love letters to Durkhane, who falls into love with him and confides to Shireen. Shireen warns Durkhane that {he could be|he’s|he can} conning her, but it is all in vain. Unfortunately, Pari, Shireen’s sister-in-law thought that all Shireen was having the affair. Torah found out about Goher’s {romance|relationship} and {delivered|directed|dispatched} one of his agents after him. Goher {fulfilled|achieved|attained} Durkhane {on the|over a} shore of a stream in which he tried to {capture|snare|pitfall} Durkhane but she {declined|rejected|turned down} to even show her veiled face. Goher asked Durkhane to meet him again next week and gifted her with bracelets and a pranda (braid band).

Torah’s spy {noticed|found|observed} Goher and a veiled girl together and when Durkhane left for her home, Torah’s spy {began|started out} spying on Durkhane in order to find her home. Incidentally Durkhane {proceeded to go|gone|travelled} to Shireen’s home (typically known as Saif-ur-Rehman’s home). Torah’s spy misunderstands and thinks that Saif-ur-rehman’s {sibling was|sis was} the girl, and reports this {returning to|to|back in} Torah. Meanwhile, Durkhane shows Shireen the bangles and pranda and asked her to keep the pranda for herself. Despite Shireen’s protests, Durkhane tied the pranda in Shireen’s braid. A village midwife arrived at Shireen’s home to see her pregnant sister-in-law. The woman, Gul, used to sell the prandas and recognized the pranda in Shireen’s braid and {informed|advised} Shireen’s sister-in-law that Gulistan Khan’s son {purchased|acquired} the pranda from her some days ago for someone {which|and this} Shireen must be in an affair him. Shireen’s sister-in-law plans to tell this with her husband so that Shireen will be married soon.

Torah decides to {inform|notify} Saif-ur-rehman about his sister’s affair. On the next side Aurang planned to leave for Peshawar again and wholeheartedly met his mother and father and left. Luckily Shireen and Durkhane come to know about the true {identification|personality|id} of Goher (that this individual is Gulistan’s son) and that he is heading to cheat her. {The two|Equally|Both equally} girls decided to {come back|go back} the gifts which (Goher has given) to him soon as Shireen’s sister-in-law revealed that she {has learned|has found out} about Shireen’s affair to her. This time Shireen decided to go on behalf of Durkhane to meet Goher and {come back|go back} the gifts but Durkhane insisted and Shireen {remained|stayed at|slept} at home and Durkhane went. On the other side Torah’s spy trickily informed Saif-ur-rehman about his sister’s affair {and|in addition to} huge rage and fierce this individual left for killing Shireen and Goher. {The moment|When} Shireen and her sister-in-law {understood|realized|recognized} this Shireen confronted that Durkhane was in affair with Goher that {the girl was|the lady was|your woman was} only protecting Durkhane. But it was too late because Durkhane {came back|delivered|went back} the gifts to Goher and asked him that if he truly {enjoys|adores|really loves} her so he must send his proposal to her home, this {triggered|brought on|induced} Goher anger and using the harassing Durkhane. {Quickly|Shortly|Rapidly} Saif-ur-rehman arrived with his men and taking {benefit of|good thing about} situation Durkhane escaped and eventually Saif-ur-rehman caught Goher but not any {lady|woman|young lady} with him (at this time Saif-ur-rehman still {feels|says} that Shireen left) and Saif-ur-rehman in rage {taken|filmed|result} Goher to death. Durkhane was left heartbroken and now only Shireen, Durkhane and her sister-in-law are the ones who know that Shireen is {faithful|simple} except Saif-ur-rehman who still thinks that his {sibling was|sis was} the one with Goher. Shireen was now married with saffi ullah and Aurang also {understood|realized|recognized} that she loves him.

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